Hey! I apparently won't be updating this blog anymore. I really loved every bit of this fangirling experience. But its about time I start living my life. Begin college, get a job, make new friends, and who knows.. find that special someone hahaha (that'll be a miracle). I will never forget those whom I can call my friends. Those who were always here for me and those who admired me from a far. You all have a special spot in my heart. I loved every second of this magical tumblr world. I will forever be a harmonizer! Thank you all so much, I flove y'all ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ - Leticia Neves Xx :')

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